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The Bannatyne Group

“The information that can be gleamed from a single key press is phenomenal. We can't wait to use Epos Now across the whole group."

David Bartlett - Food and Beverage Manager, Clarice House

Clarice House is a luxury group of health and beauty retreats across Suffolk and Essex belonging to the Bannatyne Group, which is owned by entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne. In addition to offering extensive spa facilities, each location has a range of bars, cafes and restaurants for guests to enjoy. With such a wide range of services on offer, it was important that their chosen EPOS system was versatile and customisable.

The Bannatyne Group needed a system for Clarice House that was able to cope with the requirements of the bar, cafe, restaurant and spa, whilst giving them easy and instant access to stock and sales information. With Epos Now's cloud-based software, it's easy for site managers to access the Back Office from anywhere using their laptop or smartphone. This means that the team can monitor sales even when they're on the go. Epos Now has been so successful in the bar, cafe and restaurant, that they are keen to introduce Epos Now systems into the Spa too. One of the reasons for the success of Epos Now at Clarice House is that the staff love how simple and easy it is to use and striving to provide a relaxing spa environment means that it is imperative that ordering and payment transactions are a stress-free process. With Clarice House introducing Epos Now across all of their retreats it means there will be just one type of system, allowing staff to get more familiar with the system. Ensuring a seamless process helps to establish a relaxing and positive customer experience, which is the top priority at Clarice House.

“The staff here love how simple and easy the system is to use.”

David Bartlett - Food and Beverage Manager, Clarice House

To aid the efficient services that Clarice House provide, it was important that the signing in and out process was quick and simple. Using staff swipe cards means there is no need to type in a password or log in code, which ensures that customers can be served as quickly as possible. Clarice House purchased over 350 staff swipe cards and 15 swipe readers for their business, which shows the huge scale of the business. This facility allows management to access data on staff performance at the click of a button.

Additionally, Clarice House added the Epos Now Support facility to their package, which allows them to receive unlimited access to the Epos Now team of experts. Issues can be quickly diagnosed and resolved remotely, which means any technical problems can be overcome quickly and allows Clarice House to provide their customers with the best possible experience.

“The Bannatyne Group needed a versatile EPOS system that would improve the efficiency of Clarice House. The group are so thrilled with the success of the system that they're eager to use Epos Now across all of their sites and wants to extend the system into their spa.”

Gareth Lee - Account Manager, Epos Now

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