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6 Crucial Ways to Prep Your Retail Store for Black Friday

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6 Crucial Ways to Prep Your Retail Store for Black Friday

Preparing for Black Friday is the first step for setting your store up for success this holiday season.

The best way to meet your holiday sales goals is to start early, so don't wait! Start preparing for the busiest shopping day of the year now, with a few simple and imperative ways to prep your retail store for Black Friday deals.

1. Start Early

November 29 is just around the corner, and ideally, you should already have your Black Friday deals set in stone and ready to be promoted (if not have promotions and teasers running already). But it's never too late to get a jump start on evaluating, scheduling and promoting your Black Friday sales, and the earlier the better!

Not sure where to start? Here are a few ways to get the ball rolling on coming up with and instituting your Black Friday deals.

- Run point of sale reports to gauge your most profitable and popular products

- Take stock of your inventory to see what surplus you have (if any) and where you might need to restock as you prepare for more foot traffic

- Don’t forget about online sales. Prep and test your e-commerce process and plan to keep the Black Friday momentum going by participating in Cyber Monday. Is your retail store not set up for online sales? We can help!

2. Make Sure Your Store (and Staff) Is Up to the Task

If your point of sale system is slow, faulty or not configured well for the sales you plan to run on Black Friday, you're going to run into problems that could cost you sales and result in frustrated customers and staff. Make sure that you do a few test runs on your Black Friday specials and ensure that your point of sale process is working quickly and accurately. That way your Black Friday can go off without a hitch and you can make as many seamless sales as possible. And don’t forget to train your staff on your deals and sales process for the day. They’re an integral part of your point of sale success, especially on an important day like Black Friday.

3. Keep Your Customer Base in the Loop

Use your mailing list to its fullest potential this season. Notify your customers of your Black Friday deals way before they start. Send emails, create social posts and even consider a direct, snail-mail approach, depending on the demographic your store attracts. If your retail store has a loyalty program in place, you may also want to consider offering special deals to that group. This will make a trip to your storefront worth their while and may encourage more sign-ups for exclusive deals leading up to the big day.

4. Advertise Your Deals Way Before They Start

One big rookie mistake many retailers make is that they hold their Black Friday deals close to their chest - or wait so long to formulate them - they never capture the sales potential they could have if they advertise them early. Once you’ve decided on the hot deals you’re serving up on Black Friday: promote, promote, promote! Here’s a tip for doing just that…

5. Boost Traffic to Your Website and Retarget Your Visitors

A little money spent on advertising can go a long way. And when you have a huge sale coming up the best way to let your customers know is through social media advertising. Again, don’t wait until just before or the day of. Start boosting posts that link back to your website now, and make sure you have a Facebook retargeting pixel linked to each page of your site so you can retarget those users come Black Friday. Sound a little complicated for your online landscape? That’s okay. Simply resort to “boosting” a post to your followers and beyond. For just a few bucks you can make sure more people get the news about your Black Friday deals. And you can even target specific demographics that live within a certain radius of your brick and mortar retail store, ensuring the word gets out to people that live close enough to take advantage of your deals.

6. Maximize Your Retail Space the Day Of

Set the exterior and interior of your retail store up for the special day and you could even capture some extra sales. Here are some things to think about:

- Put thoughtful items by the register to encourage impulse buys. Capitalize off your increased foot traffic with a few strategies that will increase your Black Friday bottom line.

- Give your shoppers a reason to come back. For example, hand out a 10% off flyer with each Black Friday purchase but be strategic about the dates the promotion is available to make sure buyers look to your store for their last-minute holiday shopping

Get some signage made. Spring for some signage to strategically place inside and outside your brick and mortar store. Leave dates off the signage so you can use it year after year.

With the Right Point of Sale System, Black Friday Deals Are Easy

Black Friday deals are seamless when you have the right POS. Contact us today for a free demo of our point of sale hardware and software, and give some thought about upgrading your retail point of sale before Black Friday.

Don’t Forget to Take Advantage of Epos Now’s Black Friday Point of Sale Deal

This year, we’re offering deep discounts on our award-winning systems. Contact us today to lock down your deal!


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