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Psychological Triggers That Boost Sales Like Crazy

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Psychological Triggers That Boost Sales Like Crazy

Brains are marvellous. They encompass everything from the most basic fight-or-flight responses to the intricate details of understanding language and culture. Both the conscious and subconscious mind are extraordinarily complex.

However, no matter that we have complicated and unique brains, there are some psychological triggers we all have which strongly influence what, when, and where we buy what we buy.

Getting to the heart of those triggers is at the base of all branding, advertising, and sales. To buy a product, customers need to feel that they are receiving what they truly want. There’s no slick manipulation or hypnosis involved, just a little bit of psychology and reaching to customers’ subconscious mind, which does 95% of our decisions, making the sale a reality.

Psychological Triggers That Boost Sales Like Crazy


To truly ‘hook’ a customer, you have to tell them just enough to tantalize. According to the recent study, getting customers curious enough motivate them to purchase or to find out for themselves what all the fuss is about. Article headlines often practice this technique, including the title of this article. You want to know how to increase sales ‘like crazy,’ and that’s why you’re here.

First of all, build anticipation. Tell people what you’re going to tell them. Get them excited for what’s coming next. If you have an anecdote or a personal story to tell, begin it, tease it out, and draw your customer into the narrative. Just a couple of paragraphs is all that’s necessary. The fewer words, the better. You can check your word count to be sure it’s on target at Easy word count.

One good way to build interest in your product or business is to run a company blog highlighting your products and talking about how they can be used in daily life. Use writers from Upwork or Ukwritings if you need a hand with writing up stories and blog posts about your products. Describing all benefits of using your product or service can transfer curious readers to customers.

Psychological Triggers That Boost Sales Like Crazy


People, in general, have a strong sense of justice, fair play, and reciprocity. If you do something nice for someone, they will feel obligated to do something for you in return. Even if these gifts come somewhat out of the blue, they’ll want to return the favor. For instance, a paper published by the Journal of Applied Social Psychology found that a small gift of candy at the end of a restaurant meal increased waiters’ tips overall.

Giving customers a small sample can help persuade them that they should buy from you, not because they’ve experienced the product, just simply because it was a gift.


According to the study conducted by McKinsey, 70% of customers experience is based on their feeling of how they are treated. Of course, this is a huge argument in favor of just making customers feel good to get them to buy from you. But appealing to the pleasure principle is about more than just feeling good. People run marathons for the pleasure of the accomplishment, despite the physical pain caused. It’s important to find what your customers associate with pleasure: do they like the feeling of overcoming something difficult, do they enjoy luxuriating in pure indulgence, or do they want the simple buzz of feeling they got a ‘steal of a deal’?

Bob Jackson, a marketing director at Big Assignments state, “Everyone’s busy, so one of the best ways of appealing to the pleasure principle is giving your customers the luxury of time. Free time, fun time, time they can spend doing what they want! Show them how you’ll save them time, and they’ll show you the money.”

Psychological Triggers That Boost Sales Like Crazy


The flip side of the coin of pleasure is fear, and it can be just as effective. Appealing to the fear sense in people means targeting very old, very instinctive parts of the brain. You want people to fear loss. One way to do this is to tell them that the supply of your product is limited and will run out. Or that there will never be another deal like this again. People who are acting in fear can be motivated to act quickly and make decisions under fire. When you induce a fear state in customers, you want to be sure it isn’t broken until they’ve purchased your product.

But there is an opposite situation when customers fear to buy from you. There can be a variety of reasons of this fear such as security and privacy concerns. Even something as simple as mistakes in grammar or punctuation can yank customers out of the lizard brain into higher reasoning functions, and therefore out of the sale. Be sure that your promotions, however urgent you make them, are correct by using State of writing and Grammarix. No one’s going to buy from someone telling them to ACT NOW!


Coming up with something truly new and original is rare, but you can put a new spin on something well-known, and do just as well out of it. The value of consistently releasing new items for sale is well-acknowledged. Fashion changes every year not because old styles suddenly become ugly, but because there’s excitement around novelty.

You want to be sure your pitches and press releases are unique and new to the Internet, not rehashed or, worse, plagiarized. To check for plagiarism, you can consult the service at Plagscan or Academized, if you’re having someone else write your content or if you’re having doubts regarding your writing.

Psychological Triggers That Boost Sales Like Crazy


One of the biggest drives people have within them is to do what the people around them are doing. Humans are social animals, after all, and numerous studies over the years, including the infamous Milgram Experiment, show that people are willing to go a long way, even beyond the boundaries of their own ethics, if they feel that they are doing what everyone else has done.

Persuading customers that everyone around them is buying your product, such as ads informing of how many items sold, or including testimonials from happy customers, can go a long way to getting them to buy too. Even the number of reviews your product has can tip the balance. Make it seem popular, the must-have, the thing everyone is buying, and soon everyone will be buying it.


For customers to believe your product does what it says on the can, your sales pitch needs to be credible. No one’s going to believe something that sounds too good to be true or far-fetched. A great way to gain credibility is to back your product up with studies. You can use Citeitin to make sure your references are cited correctly.

After all, what sounds better: “this toothbrush prevents cavities!” or “four out of five dentists recommend using this toothbrush to prevent cavities!” It’s the same message, but the second one sounds plausible, credible, and backed up with research.

These simple psychological triggers are at the root of making every sale you’ll ever make. When it comes to buying things, very often people are not making rational, reasonable decisions, but are influenced by a whole lot of subconscious things that they don’t even realize are going on inside their brains. If you can trip these triggers in favor of your product, you’ll outperform the competition every time.

If you'd like to read more from Brenda, you can learn more about her work with students and entrepreneurs at Oxessays, or visit her personal website Letsgoandlearn.com.


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