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Release notes 03.07.2018 | Epos Now

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Release notes 03.07.2018

This month we're excited to bring you some innovative software updates that promise to save time and safeguard profits. From improved notification features to a brand new payment integration, here are some of the biggest and best software updates for July.

Buying Review

The new Buying Review page shows products whose cost or sale price has changed during the time period selected.

The report displays the margin at the previous cost/sale price alongside the current margin. This allows you to adjust sale prices in order to maintain your margins.

Release notes 03.07.2018

This new page can be found under the Manage > Products section of your back office:

Release notes 03.07.2018

Notification Centre

The new notification centre is available in your back office and allows us to easily notify you of any software changes. From there, we can gain feedback on new features and ensure we’re delivering exactly what your business needs.

Release notes 03.07.2018

The notification centre can be accessed by clicking on the envelope icon by your user name in the top right corner of the back office. When you have unread notifications, this will show as a number in red circle on the envelope icon:

Release notes 03.07.2018

Variable prices on weighed and measured items

You can now enable variable pricing on weighed or measured products.

When this is enabled for an item, the till will ask for the ‘Price per Unit’. It will then prompt for the measurement or read the weight from our integrated scales.

Variable pricing can be enabled in the same way as previously, by ticking the ‘Variable Price’ checkbox when adding or editing a product in your back office.

Card Type on Receipt (USA only)

We now display the card type (eg. AMEX, Mastercard) and last four digits of the card number on sales receipts.

This is currently only available for customers using our integrated Verifone and Dejavoo card terminals in the USA (Vantiv, EVO & Sterling Payments).

API V4 Web Order Notifications

Web order notifications are now shown for integrations built on V4 of our API, as well as for cancelled orders.

Release notes 03.07.2018

Prevent zero tenders

If the remaining total for a transaction is not zero, we no longer allow entry of a zero tender. This prevents staff without permissions from performing a no-sale, while the command can no longer be used as a method to open the cash drawer.

Tyro Payments Integration (Australia only)

We are pleased to announce a new payment integration with Tyro Payments for our Australian customers.

Integrated payments give customers a more flexible experience at the till, with the freedom to choose whichever payment method is most convenient for them.

Other benefits of integrated payments include:


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