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Release notes: The Stock Project

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Release notes: The Stock Project

We’re really excited for the commencement of phase 1 of 2 of Epos Now’s Stock Project! Our product team have been collating the top stock requests directly from you, over phone/email/live chats, via your GuideMe queries and suggestions made through our FeatureVote app! This release will publish some fantastic system amendments to our users main stock functions.

iRelease notes: The Stock Project

Below are some of the updates that are due to be released;

Purchase Orders optimisation

Purchase Order List Page updates: The layout of the Purchase Order pages have been improved with a number of additional features added. The Purchase Order list page has an additional column to show location, so you can see where your Purchase Orders have been delivered to. You can now filter all your Purchase Orders by Supplier and PO statuses much clearer. Search filters will now be remembered, so when you search for a Purchase Order and click into it, when you come back to the Purchase Order list page, your filters will remain.

Purchase Order Create Page updates: Additional information on the Suppliers table shows 'No of products out of stock’ and ‘value of suggested order’. This data is taken from the min/ max levels you can set on each of your products. This will reduce the time taken to create Purchase Orders as you can tell at a glance how much you need to order from each supplier. The ‘generate order’ and ‘create email PO’ buttons have been updated for clarity.

Purchase Order new features: Following a number of Feature Vote requests, we have developed several new features in Purchase Order details including;

Stocktake optimisation

Stocktake redesign: We’ve completely redesigned the stocktake page to improve the user experience, in whichever vertical you operate. It is also optimised for mobile, opening it up to a great experience from smaller stocktaking tablets.

Search & List Combined: Stocktake used to have a search and a list version. Now they have been combined into one version making it easier to use.

Show as Decimal: When trying to stocktake items with a stock and volume, it’s often better to estimate as a decimal rather than workout half of 750ml. Now you can input half of 750ml as 0.5 and this will work it out for you. *Pubs & bars, this is great for recording drinks pours!

Filter by category, brand, supplier & wet/dry: When making a list you were very limited as you only had supplier and category to filter by. Now you can also filter by brand and wet/dry products.

Review Stocktake: We’ve added a review stage to the process. This means before you complete, you can check if you haven’t counted an item, or set reasons at the end.

Blind Stocktake:If you want your staff members to perform a count without knowing the expected total. Setting a permission in the Back Office will not show the expected total for specific staff members.

Bulk Import App optimisation

Bulk import additions: New bulk imports have been added to save time and effort. Additions include; Staff import, Suppliers import, Customer specific price import, Product groups import and Assign multiple choice products import.

Bulk import amendments: A number of changes have been made to improve the usability and clarity of these imports. Changes include; Ability to bulk delete products added to the Product Update Import, Added extra fields like category and Product Description to the Stock Update Import and include columns for ‘Volume’ and ‘Unit of Sale’ to the Master Product Import.

Create a new barcode: You can now create new unique barcodes using the ‘genbarcode’ feature in the product import and product matrix templates.

Additional fixes implemented in this release:

Product Details App relaunch: The product details app is free to download from the Epos Now AppStore.The Product Details popup can show the following; Image, Long description, Size, Brand, Colour, Stock, Master Products (& their stock), and Multiple Choice Products (& their stock).

Split bill function: Similar to how the old till front of Epos Now worked, you can now choose which items to pay for, leaving the other items assigned to a table or ‘held transactions’. Useful for: Hospitality environments when customers want to pay for their individual items quickly.

Refunds: You can now edit the quantity of items when refunding.

New currencies: Both the Comorian Franc and the Gambian Dalasi are now available to use as currencies in the Epos Now back office.

Remember, you can subscribe to Epos Now's Service Status page to keep up to date with all the latest software release information.


Erin Heenan

Erin joined Epos Now in 2016 as an in-house content writer for the marketing department, making use of 10 years experience working in busy restaurants. An avid fan of shopping and eating out, she is committed to helping retail and hospitality SMEs get the most out of their businesses.

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