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Thanksgiving custom: How to secure a second helping

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Thanksgiving custom: How to secure a second helping

Each year, more Americans are spending their Thanksgiving away from home, choosing to forgo the long hours of preparation and cooking in favor of a meal that doesn’t involve setting the table or doing dishes once it’s all over.

In 2016 alone, 10% of the population enjoyed the holiday from the comfort of their favorite restaurants. This represents a huge portion of revenue your business could be cashing in on, and that statistic keeps growing!

What does this mean for those who work in the restaurants open during Thanksgiving? How can you keep those customers coming back once the holidays are over?


Thanksgiving custom: How to secure a second helping

Creating a dedicated schedule for the day will ensure service goes smoothly. In addition to accommodating increased foot traffic and schedules of the employees who are leaving town to see their families, you must also offer a unique selection of menu items. It can become quite a hassle to juggle all of these responsibilities.

By having a dedicated schedule already in place, you can control booking coordination, seating plans and staff rotas. This creates a sense of organization amongst employees and supervisors alike. Make sure you have enough stock before the big day kicks off, or risk damaging customer satisfaction. Customer expectations will be higher than your average day, so being prepared will give you and your staff the confidence to succeed.

Build customer loyalty

Thanksgiving custom: How to secure a second helping

With the additional footfall, Thanksgiving delivers an opportunity to impress, securing loyal custom for the future. Harness those positive holiday feelings and collect your customer's contact details for newsletters, promotions and offers. Mailchimp is the perfect low budget marketing platform empowering business owners with the ability to create professionally branded marketing campaigns in-house. It's also fully integratable with your Epos Now solution!

If 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers, you should be incentivising those customers to spend more rather than focusing on acquiring new customers. These customers have chosen to spend one of the biggest holidays of the year with you- they are already primed to spend cash in your business. A well-executed Thanksgiving service gives you the perfect opportunity to secure these people as loyal customers all year round.

Reward your employees

Thanksgiving custom: How to secure a second helping

Happy employees give a better service. Customers who receive great service will always come back. By ensuring your staff are engaged in your business, you safeguard customer satisfaction. One of the most important aspects of a busy service is to remember is employee comfort.

Some staff members may be forgoing a visit to their families in order to work, and it is vital that they are aware of how valued they are for making that decision. Why not schedule a staff meal to celebrate the holiday together after the chaos of the actual celebration? This will show them how much you value them and the promise of social reward will give your employees the boost that they need in order to get through the tumultuous weekend ahead.


Small changes applied to your typically well-run environment can make the holiday that much easier to endure. Even though the build-up to the day can create a variety of conflict, managing it well is the only way to navigate the event. All of the sweat and the turkey will be worth it once you realize that, together, your team has the potential to accomplish anything.


Jess Unkel

Jess Unkel is a customer support technician at Epos Now’s Orlando office. She assist our small business customers with queries and troubleshooting, while supporting their training needs.

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