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The Mail Room

“Starting a business is expensive and I was keen to keep costs low without affecting my business. Our Epos Now system was affordable and functional, whilst having the bonus of looking sleek in our modern restaurant."

Sue Barnard - Owner, The Mail Room

The Mail Room is situated in the Old Post Office half way down Corve Street, in Ludlow. The prestigious building has been transformed into a stylish, modern, 46-seat bar and restaurant, serving mediterranean-influenced, modern cuisine. The head chef serves a combination of the best Mediterranean, European and British cuisine, using locally sourced and fresh ingredients. The atmosphere is stylish, relaxed and social, with high quality food being served every day.

Owners, Mike and Sue Barnard were looking for an EPoS system that would process orders and payments efficiently. It was important that their new system had the facility to send orders directly to the kitchen so staff could spend more time with customers, without delaying orders. The Epos Now integration with Chip & Pin ensures that the bill total is always accurate and the kitchen printer prevents staff walking back and forth to the kitchen, as well as ensuring there are rarely order errors at the restaurant.

Mike and Sue were initially concerned that an EPoS system would look big and bulky and that it wouldn’t fit in with the image of their restaurant but they told us that once they had unpackaged the system they instantly knew that we had made the right decision. In addition, the Epos Now software allows them both to access detailed data, which provides them with information on their sales figures, stock, margins, staff performance and much more. One of the benefits of having easy access to accurate sales and stock information at The Mail Room is that Sue and Mike can ensure that their best selling items are always stocked up and they can make important management decisions about items that are not selling as fast so the menu can be adapted if neccessary, to reduce unnecessary outgoings.

"I was worried that the system would look bulky in our modern restaurant and that it would be difficult to use, but it fitted in perfectly and my staff and I were able to confidently use the system within a day, which surprised me.”

Sue Barnard - Owner, The Mail Room

“Sue and Mike wanted a modern system that would fit in with their stylish new restaurant. They also wanted to provide an error free ordering service. The staff can concentrate on their customers instead of explaining orders to the chefs now.”

Brendan McVeigh - Sales Consultant, Epos Now

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