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News Boutique

“Without a big team behind us it's important that as many processes can be automated as possible. We needed a reliable EPoS system that could save us time by helping us with transactions, stock management and accounts. The system is elegant and simple to use."

Steve Knight - Owner, The News Boutique

The News Boutique is a family run newsagents in Hampshire, run by Steve Knight and his family. Without a big team behind them it was important for Steve that his new EPoS was able to make his business more efficient, saving him time and money. The Epos Now system has allowed The News Boutique to automate many of their previously manual processes, which has made it possible for Steve to spend more time running his business and with his family.

The Epos Now software automatically updates so Steve and his family always have the most up to date technology in their shop. The system also allows Steve and his family, as well as his two part-time staff to swipe their staff card to log-in to the system, which prevents unauthorised access and ensures customers are served quickly. The Epos Now till ensures seamless sales transactions, which is vital for a retail business such as The News Boutique.

“What makes our Epos Now system really special is the integration with our Xero accounting software. We saves hours of time a week as everything is automatically synchronised, the accounts are always accurate and our business runs more efficiently.”

Steve Knight - Owner, The News Boutique

A huge benefit for Steve was that his Epos Now system fully integrated with his Xero Accounting Software. Xero handles all of The News Boutique’s accounting tasks and has eliminated their need for a bookkeeper, which has saved the family thousands of pounds in accountancy fees and has improved the efficiency of their business. Xero automatically imports and categorises bank transactions, automates end of year accounts and integrates payroll calculations. Steve is also able to complete VAT returns in seconds. With access to accurate real-time profit and loss data, Steve has complete control of his business accounts at all times.

Epos Now software is cloud based, which means the Back Office facility can be accessed from any location and any device so Steve can access important business information from the comfort of his own home. A reliable and accurate stock management facility was crucial for Steve as it was important that the stock ordering process could be automated to save even more time. The News Boutique can choose to receive low stock notifications when they are running low on products and the system also makes it possible for them to automatically re-order from suppliers. The detailed sales data provides vital information about best-selling products, so Steve and his family can assess which products add the most value to their business.

An additional product that has improved the running of Steve’s business is the Epos Now Customer Display Pole, which fits on to the top of the Epos Now terminal, and gives his customers maximum transaction transparency. The display shows each item that is processed as it's scanned, along with a running subtotal of the transaction. Steve was also keen to invest in the Epos Now Support plan, which provides him with unlimited access to a team of experts to ensure swift diagnosis and prompt resolution of any issues.

“The News Boutique needed a system that was able to automate many of their manual processes. Epos Now has helped Steve to streamline sales transactions and manage stock. The integration with Xero has also saved them time and money”

Luke Boggis - Sales Consultant, Epos Now

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