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42 King Street

“Epos Now takes all of the stress out of running a small business, especially one as fast paced as ours."

Lee Havers - Owner, 42 King Street

42 King Street is based in central Norwich, and is a friendly cocktail and world tapas bar serving a wide variety of European inspired dishes. Lee Havers, owner of 42 King Street was looking for an EPoS system that would streamline his restaurant and bar processes to speed up service, keep an accurate track of stock and improve the existing manual ordering process. With a menu that changes regularly to include seasonal produce, it was important for Lee that the menu items were quick and easy to edit on the new system.

Lee decided to invest in the Epos Now iPad Solution, as he wanted a reliable and fully-featured EPoS system, but also wanted to fit in with the modern look and feel of his restaurant. The solution is mounted in a portable stand, which allows the team to keep it on their counter or easily move it around when they take customer orders at the table. As space is at a premium and the restaurant fills up quickly, it was essential that the iPad was able to automatically and wirelessly fire the under-counter cash drawer and receipt printer. This ensures that the space at the bar is fully utilised as an extra area for customers to sit to have a drink or for staff to make their innovative cocktails.

“The portable Epos Now system allows us to maintain that personal experience with customers without unnecessary delays.”

Lee Havers - Owner, 42 King Street

Epos Now has dramatically cut down the time that the customer has to wait, as their order prints out directly to the kitchen so that the chefs can begin making their dishes the moment the order is placed. It has also freed up time for waiters so they can spend more time with customers to provide the personal experience that 42 King Street pride themselves on.

The table plan allows the team at 42 King Street to easily keep track of the drink and food orders at each table, to ensure no mistakes are made, which could result in under-charging or over-charging customers. It also ensures that customers can stay seated throughout their visit and payment can be effortlessly taken at the table. When 42 King Street run tapas deals or happy hours for their cocktails, the Epos Now system makes it very easy to add promotions and discounts to ensure this process is automated and to avoid mistakes occurring when manually discounting items at busy times.

A huge benefit for Lee is that the Epos Now software is cloud based, which means the Back Office facility can be accessed from any location and any device. This means that Lee can access his sales data from the comfort of his own home or when he is on the go, so he can see which menu items are selling the best, and which are not selling. Additionally, the accuracy of the Epos Now stock management facility allows Lee to keep track of all of his stock, and even keeps tabs on measurements of alcohol without having to carry out time-consuming stock takes. This means that 42 King Street can avoid over-spending on stock they do not need, will never run out of best-sellers and cuts down on unaccounted for losses through wastage and shrinkage. The system also allows Lee to set up low stock notifications and automatically raise purchase orders, which has automated many of the previously manual processes.

The whole team at 42 King Street are really impressed with how Epos Now has been able to save their business time and money. It allows them to maintain their focus on consistently providing delicious food and exceptional customer service.

“42 King Street were looking for a system that would not only fit in with the modern look of their restaurant but that was able to speed up service, streamline processes and keep an accurate track of stock. It's fantastic to know that we have helped Lee to do all of those things.”

Matt Nixon - Sales Consultant, Epos Now

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