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Athena is the latest version of the Epos Now POS software. Engineered to be intuitive and reduce transaction time, it’s our most significant software release ever.

Athena Screens Athena Screens

“Athena is the culmination of two years of research and development. We’ve analysed over 100 million customer interactions with our platform to ensure that Athena cuts the average transaction time in half.”

Jacyn Heavens

Jacyn Heavens - CEO

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A brand new design

You told us you needed more space for the things that matter. Athena prioritises space for your products, making key features easy to find and readily available. Newly optimised and multifunctional, the Athena transaction panel provides an aerial view of business operations, allowing for increased accuracy and speed, boosting productivity.

Athena design Athena design

What's new

  • Clean, modern design for improved ease of use
  • Interface simplified, whilst maintaining equal functionality
  • More intuitive workflows to move between screens
  • All touch areas are larger to aid speed of use on touch terminals

We’ve designed everything with you in mind

The new interface subtly guides you through the sales process. Take for example the product tiles, we have increased the readability so it looks great on all screens.

Product buttons

When you set a product to have a specific colour, this is now shown in the bottom right corner.

Top selling products are signified by a on their buttons.

Athena menu Athena menu

Far more intuitive

Every aspect of the till has been redesigned to be intuitive and easy to use.

What's new

  • Main menu slides in from the left, increasing screen space.
  • New & improved user experience on stock pages.
  • Promotions are now applied when the items are added to the transaction panel, rather than at tender screen.
  • Login screen built to handle large numbers of staff.
  • New design to the customer pages.
  • Notified when your till is offline via pop ups and banners.
  • Your most common actions are located at the bottom of your transaction panel for quick access. You can also add quick action buttons to get to all your favourite apps even faster.

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More customisable than ever before

The settings screen is now broken into categories to make it quicker to find the setting you are looking for.

Athena Split Bill

What’s new

  • Product and category buttons are now configurable in size (extra small, small, medium or large).
  • Enable/disable animations, altering the flow from screen to screen.
  • Web order display has had a redesign of how notifications work on the till front. You can now click the notification to take you to the order.
  • Hide the prices of items on your products screen.
  • Customise the order of your products on your receipt. List alphabetically or in the ordered they were entered.
  • Number of covers added to kitchen order prints so it's clearer to your kitchen staff how many are on a table.

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All new table plan

Athena table plan

What’s new

  • Redesigned from the ground-up.
  • Orders are locked to tables to ensure staff know who is editing what bills on which device.
  • Print bill directly from the table plan.
  • Move/merge table function has been improved. Now you can preview your changes before you save them.
  • Users are prompted and have the option to set covers when merging or adding a new bill to a table with the move/merge dialogue.
  • Multiple choice products. MCP child items should display ‘per master’ quantities.
  • Kitchen order prints are being worked on to make the display of the MCP’s clearer for you and your staff.
  • Table plan speed changes.
Athena table plan

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