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4 Growth-Hacking Tips to Rev Up Your Business

Growing your business to the next phase is a struggle for many business owners. There's so much to think about and even more to do when it comes to managing a small business. It's no easy feat. That's why you need to have a plan in place if you want to see your company grow to the next phase.

If you're a small to medium retail or hospitality business, creating a marketing plan is one of the best things you can do to rev up your growth.

That coupled with finding smarter ways to run your business, like implementing cloud-based solutions that help you manage sales and employees better (such as a point of sale software), can help your business start seeing gradual and sustainable growth.

Here are four simple growth hacks you can use to rev up your business and make running your small business just a little bit easier.

1. Find Ways to Connect with Your Audience.

These days, it's all about connecting with your potential audience before they even know they need your product or service. You've got to be present long before they reach the purchasing decision on the customer journey. That means you've got some work to do to reach your prospects in different ways using a variety of platforms.

Using a combination of methods to connect with your audience yields the best results so take some time and think about how your target audience might be engaging online. Don't just jump into anything blindly. Do some research and figure out where your prospects are "hanging out" online.

If they're on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram, then get yourself a social media account and start creating content they can engage with.

When brainstorming content to post on social media, be sure what you're posting provides some sort of value to your prospects, whether it's an entertaining meme, an article covering information they'd find useful, or a video describing how your products and services could make their lives a little bit easier. And avoid bombarding them with too much information about your product or service. Balance out your posts. Make them a mix of helpful content and soft plugs about your product or services.

2. Engage in Content Marketing.

Content marketing typically costs up to 62% less than traditional marketing methods and generates three times more leads, according to Entrepreneur.

So if your company hasn't incorporated content marketing (like blogs, press releases, articles, and engaging web and social media content that points back to your website) into your marketing plan, you're behind the curve.

Content marketing should be focused on creating and promoting relevant and useful information on a consistent basis in order to attract and retain the right audience. When implemented correctly, content marketing can drive the customer to the sale a lot faster.

Content marketing is used by the top brands and there's a reason why. It works. With a content marketing strategy in place, you can easily see cost savings, increased revenue, and enhanced customer loyalty. But it's more of a slow burn, so the sooner you start, the better.

The Content Marketing Institute notes that the objective is to get your customers to follow the call to action, whether it's downloading an ebook, making a purchase, or signing up for an email course. Most of which will generate leads that you can keep dipping back into as your store or restaurant offers deals, promotions or new products

3. Show Social Proof.

Social proof is one of the most powerful forms of advertising because people listen to other people. Social proof can show other people exactly how successful you've been with other customers. It's why reviews have become the holy grail of Google searches and Facebook business pages.

Consumers are highly trusting of other consumers because they've been there and tried that. So, their results are real and they're typically unbiased, honest opinions of products. And you just can't beat that.

Social proof comes in several forms. According to Buffer, six types of social proof exist:

User Social Proof. When your past customers provide recommendations or reviews based on recent purchases.

Crowd Social Proof. When a large group of people ends up endorsing your product or service in a positive way.

Celebrity Social Proof. When a celebrity endorses your product or service by tweeting or posting on social media about it. Expert Social Proof. When an expert in the industry endorses your product or service.

Friendly Social Proof. When people see their friends approve of or recommend your product or service.

Certification Proof. When you're given the stamp of approval by an authority in your industry (like the blue checkmark on Instagram or a "trust bar" on your website showing awards or associations you belong to).

Case Studies. These are another type of social proof that can help highlight to potential clients exactly what you've done for other companies similar to theirs. It also gives them an idea of what you might be able to do for them.

Case studies are simply short documents that highlight what a company's problem was initially and how your company helped them solve that problem. A case study is like a testimonial on steroids. It gives the potential client a story-like presentation of a past client's success using your product or service and highlights how it enhanced their day-to-day business operations or boosted revenue by more than 90 percent. Whatever positive result it yielded for the customer, highlight that in your case study.

4. Use POS Software to Streamline Sales.

In order to see growth as a small business, you have to find systems that work to help improve workflow and overall productivity.

Using the right point of sale software can help you produce data that help you make important (and intelligent) business decisions that streamline operations and even save or make you money. POS software can also help you better manage inventory, keep track of employees, and process sales.

A cloud-based POS can give your business reporting features like general analytics, sales tracking, accounting, and payment tracking. Many companies are swapping out their old systems for tablet POS software so that employees can easily use the system for one of the above tasks right from the palm of their hand.

Go for Growth.

Growing your business to the next phase isn't impossible, but it does take a bit of hard work and dedication.

Don’t expect to see results overnight. It takes time to implement some of the strategies named above and it may take weeks or months before you notice a real change. But using the above growth hacks and finding a reliable POS that's scalable to handle your growth is essential.

You need software that helps streamline sales management and POS software might be just the thing you need to help your business get to the next level.

Contact us today for a free demo of Epos Now's revolutionary point of sale software, and see how we can partner with you for the growth of your business.


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