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5 Signs You Need a New POS

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5 Signs You Need a New POS

Your point of sale system is the hub of your business’s economy. Here are the signs that it's time to shake things up.

When you build relationships with your customers face-to-face, they expect a smooth and pain-free transaction if they are to leave satisfied. And you need your POS to process transactions and keep a track of your inventory with as little additional work and cost as possible.

But if you’re working on an old-school cash register or stuck in a pricey and demanding ‘free’ POS contract, you’re probably sick of dealing with hold-ups and hidden expenses.

Switching things up with cloud-based POS can ease the pressure on this most important of systems. Point of sale software that runs from the internet, rather than trapped on your computer, makes it easier to keep your system updated without constantly shelling out for the new version.

It means you can keep your data safely online, instead of on your POS hardware where it could get corrupted or even stolen. Get the right deal, and payment processing will also be taken care of without the need for extra equipment or fuss.

Perhaps you’re getting along okay with your current retail point of sale system. But ‘okay’ isn’t good enough for such a crucial aspect of your business.

Let’s take a look at five signs that it’s time to switch your point of sale provider.

Your stock inventory is a mess.

There’s little more frustrating than turning a paying customer away because you’ve run out of whatever they came in for. One contender for ‘just as frustrating’ is when you order a new batch of a product only to discover you had a crate of unsold merchandise hidden at the back of your warehouse.

Digital retail POS does away with this problem. If you’re functioning off an old cash register or dated software you installed years back, you’ll be thrilled to discover cloud-based POS software counts every item that comes in and out of your store. A decent system will warn you when you’re low on stock, and even automatically re-order your bestsellers as and when required.

Your POS is eating up your profit.

Every entrepreneur loves the buzz of ringing up a sale. But that feeling comes with a bitter taste when you count the cost of payment processing and a monthly ‘free’ POS contract that’s holding you ransom.

Epos Now offers a contract-free service with no hidden fees. Plus, you can choose the hardware and software you need, unlike a fixed Free POS package that’s padded out with costly extras.

Bonus tip: switching to tablet POS with online software frees up valuable counter space for last minute impulse buy merchandise.

Your current retail POS set-up argues with itself.

Building a business is a step-by-step basis. Even the best-intentioned entrepreneur ends up with a hotchpotch of mis-matched hardware and software, compatibility problems, and a lack of connectivity. To take an old-school example, running sales through a cash register then entering your figures into a spreadsheet on a different machine eats up precious time.

What you need is software that does the whole job without these conflicts. Epos Now provides cloud-based POS that is hardware agnostic, platform agnostic, and payment gateway agnostic. In other words, it will work with whatever computing or payment system you have.

POS maintenance is costing you time and money.

When your POS system goes down, it costs you money because you can’t process sales. To add insult to injury, getting it fixed can get expensive too, particularly if you need to call out an engineer.

Imagine how much hassle you save when your POS provider gives 24/7 phone support and engineers who can solve your problems remotely or turn up at your door when needed.

You’re wasting precious hours training your staff.

Well-trained check-out staff are essential to any business, particularly if your store places a high value on returning customers. But every hour spent training your crew is an hour out of your time as well as theirs.

It takes just 15 minutes to learn to use Epos Now. The interface is clear and simple, even if the engine underneath it is capable of doing incredible things for your business. And unlimited one-on-one training and support comes as standard.

With a transition to Epos Now, your product and customer data is seamless migrated over by our friendly and helpful implementation team. Your business will have no downtime or upset when switching.

Sounds like reason enough to think about a change?

Contact us to get a personalized, free demo from our support team. You’ve got nothing to lose but your clunky old POS!


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