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Advantages of cloud-based EPOS

The cloud is a term used to describe a network of servers where data is saved, rather than saving information directly to a devices hardware. An example of this would be taking a photo on your phone. The image is saved directly to the phone's memory. However, if you share the image to Instagram, the photo is then stored on the cloud.

This is the same with traditional EPOS systems. Older legacy systems had their own servers where all transactional data would be stored. This meant if the hardware was corrupted, damaged or stolen all the data would be lost. The data input into a cloud-based EPOS system is saved in the cloud, which is a network of servers maintained by a third party. This means the data is protected even if the hardware is corrupted.

Why a cloud-based EPOS?

Cloud-based EPOS presents an extensive list of benefits over its traditional counterpart.


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