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Epos Now Acquires Australian Firm Epos Systems Pty

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Epos Now acquires Epos Systems Pty

Epos Now acquires Epos Systems Pty Australia, adding an exceptional team for global customer success

Epos Now, a leader in cloud POS, trusted by over 30,000 retail and hospitality businesses with offices in both the USA and UK today announces that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Epos Systems Pty, one of Australia’s leading POS providers.

This new partnership will bolster the existing Epos Now team with world class talent to support its growing customer base in the Australian, New Zealand and Asian markets. It will also give access to hundreds of thousands of potential new customers that demand the tools and technology provided by the Epos Now platform to compete and thrive against giants in competitive markets.

Not only will the acquisition provide customers with domain knowledge, localised support and massively increased, around-the-clock customer service, it will also bring new functionality, integrations and partnerships to enable Epos Now to achieve its goal of building a truly exceptional global technology platform to enable customer success

Jacyn Heavens, CEO, Epos Now, explains: “We have been working with Epos Systems in Australia for a few years and have been incredibly impressed with the knowledge and skills of the people within the business. Our values and ethos are extremely well aligned; the team has an in depth understanding of our product and the market having created exceptional demand in the region for the Epos Now platform.”

As well as creating a global team of exceptional talent, joining both businesses will ensure the combined new entity has more diversity and is better positioned to support customers and scale in global markets. All team members will be retained and offered ongoing opportunities for learning and development on an international scale.

Heavens continues: “Customer success is hugely dependent on our domain knowledge and the expertise we can offer, which is why this acquisition is so important to us. By encouraging peer-to-peer learning across teams, we will further augment the service we provide. Moreover, the acquisition hugely adds velocity to Epos Now’s IPO ambitions and provides us with the increased resources to heavily invest in our platform, partnerships, staff and customers.”

Nick Chadwick, Director, Epos Systems Pty, adds: "The partnership just makes sense. Epos Now grants the opportunity for everyone to grow. Our team here carries fantastic skills and the career possibilities offered within a rapidly growing organisation like Epos Now are fantastic. The ease of deployment and stability of the product, coupled with the ability to offer localised support, grants our clients both here in Australia and overseas a virtually unparalleled offering."

Heavens concludes: “We are incredibly proud of this latest milestone in our journey of rapid growth. Epos Systems is so well aligned to our customer purpose and team-centred culture, so we are excited to see what we can achieve together. With multiple offices already in the UK and USA, our new Australian office means we can cover all global time zones with a full team and offer in-depth domain and regional knowledge to better serve our partners and our growing base of tens of thousands of customers spanning over 100 countries. Quite simply, with this acquisition Epos Now truly is a global business.”


Nathaniel Southwood

Nate joined Epos Now in 2020, Nate is an experienced Copywriter with years of experience in Hospitality. Having previously worked in bars and for a brewery, Nate has a true passion for innovation within the hospitality sector; helping bar and restaurant owners streamline processes and run their businesses more efficiently.

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