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Download our Free Hospitality Reopening Guide

We have compiled a simple 9 step guide on how to prepare to reopen your restaurant on 4th July.

After three months of lockdown, the hospitality industry in England is set to reopen on 4th July, with diners and drinkers finally able to return to restaurants, pubs and bars.

We’ve created a 9 step plan for how you can open your restaurant, pub or bar safely for both your staff and customers.

Download Our Free Hospitality Opening Guide

The content shared in this guide is for informational purposes only, and is not intended as legal advice. Business owners are responsible for compliance with laws and regulations, and we suggest consulting official HM Government guidelines before reopening.


Nathaniel Southwood

Nate joined Epos Now in 2020, Nate is an experienced Copywriter with years of experience in Hospitality. Having previously worked in bars and for a brewery, Nate has a true passion for innovation within the hospitality sector; helping bar and restaurant owners streamline processes and run their businesses more efficiently.

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