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How customer feedback develops our product

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How customer feedback develops our product

It’s #FeatureVoteWeek and we’re inviting you to contribute! FeatureVote is the platform Epos Now uses to gather feedback, thoughts, ideas and suggestions on the features you want to see incorporated into your system. These suggestions are then added to our product road map for development by the software team.

Agility is key to Epos Now's product road map. We understand the need to shift and review of priorities on a regular basis. FeatureVote is an insightful tool enabling us to see what our customer need, how they want it to work and the number of supporters behind the idea.

There is no strict set amount of votes that a suggestion needs to make it onto the Product Roadmap. We use FeatureVote as a tool to communicate directly with our customers and review what features are consistently asked for and required.

Here are just a selection of some of the features we have built with the help of the FeatureVote users:

User manual (128 Votes)

We released Guide Me in April 2016 and have constantly been adding and renovating this to ensure all the guides are the best they can be for new and existing users!

How customer feedback develops our product

Stock Take by BRAND & CATEGORY (114 Votes)

October 2017 saw the release of the first phase of our Stock Overhaul project - We completely revamped our front till stock take pages, adding this feature as request.

How customer feedback develops our product

Purchase Order Improvements (108 Votes)

The stock Overhaul release also saw some significant changes to our Purchase order pages. The additional functionality for this was taken predominantly from Feature Vote suggestions!

Stock Take in decimals (107 Votes)

Users that have products like bottles of wine, and sell the stock in units and volume, can now Stock take like so “1.5” instead of having to input “1 stock and 375ml volume”

iHow customer feedback develops our product

Update the cost price of child products, when a master product price has been updated (67 votes)

Added earlier this year, you can enable this by going to your back office, selecting SETUP, and on Company Details select the checkbox “Update Cost Price of Products when Master Product Cost Prices are updated”.

How customer feedback develops our product

Another thing to note is that the recent stock update (released Wednesday 18th October) had over 70% of it’s user requirements taken from Feature Vote. To find out more about what was released click here.

We are so excited for the future of growing our interaction with customers in terms of gathering feedback! We’re beginning to start reviewing a community platform where customers can interact with us, and each other!

“The Epos Now community is being investigated as a means for customers to help each other in discussing their experience and troubleshooting tips not only in regards to Epos Now, but in their business development.” Charlie Wright, CRM manager

Epos Now serves a wide range of customers from thriving one-location coffee shops, to accounts with multiple franchises. Having a community platform alongside Feature Vote means users can see what others in the business want from their Epos Now system.

As the Product Owner for Epos Now’s core product, I cannot express enough how much FeatureVote helps us drive the system forward. The more suggestions and comments we get, the more we can really understand what our users want from our system!

Theres still time to submit your suggestions for a chance to win a $50/$65 Amazon voucher. See our #FeatureVoteWeek blog for more details or look out for #EPOSfeedback on social media.


Sarah Roberts

Sarah is Epos Now's Product Owner and works with the Product Team to investigate, design and spec features that our users want on our platform. Sarah has a great insight into our key verticals, and immerses herself in researching the best features needed for each of those.

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