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How to be successful in your business

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How to be successful in your business

There are many key attributes and qualities needed to be successful and competitive in the retail and hospitality industries, and also in everyday life. From my experience, success starts as a vision or idea. It is essential that you know what you want to do and have a clear vision of how to do it. You then consider which steps you need to take to turn your idea into a reality.

Essentially, it is like reading a map because it is finding the best, most effective route to get from Point A to Point B. Success is solely derived from preparation, hard-work and failure.


Passion plays a key role in success. If you don't have passion towards the thing that you are doing, you could say it's like trying to drive a car, but with no petrol… very unlikely. Only do something if you want to do it and have passion for it, because if you don’t, then what is the point? Everything is done better when it is done with passion because you are more focused on the task and most importantly, more determined to complete your project to the best standard possible and successfully. Epos Now holds the passion for their POS systems and deliver the best service that they can for your business, while taking so many manual tasks off your hands so that you can focus all your passion on the success of your business, while you are backed with a reliable, multi-award winning business’ POS systems..what more could you want?

How to be successful in your business


If you really want to do something, you 100% need to be committed. By this, I am saying that you need to be prepared to make some sacrifices. This could just be monetary, but a sacrifice, nevertheless. A question that you need to ask yourself is ‘Am I interested or committed?’, because interest procrastinates, and commitment focuses on the completion of the task in hand. I would say that if you want it bad enough, you’ll be committed and will find a way to make it happen so that you can live the life you’ve imagined for yourself and your business. Without commitment, nothing happens because commitment is the foundation of great accomplishments. If you aspire to make unprecedented progress you must make the key decision to hold nothing back.

Prepare for failure

Failure is a prerequisite for success, and you learn to succeed from failing. If you’re not making any mistakes, you’re not learning. Sometimes, you need to hit rock bottom to realise the only way is up. I always believe that success is also based upon your own level of determination and if you want to succeed, you will make it happen regardless of the past. I can not name one successful business leader who has not had to overcome obstacles for business plans and projects before, so really, it’s inevitable. Don’t aim for failure but when it does happen it is usually down to lack of preparation and planning, therefore, if and when you do fail, look back upon your weaknesses and aspire to make them your strengths now that you have had the opportunity to learn from them. Learn to take risks, but know the consequences that come with them if they do fail and prepare for the worst while you expect the best. One common failure for any business owner is misjudging how much stock you should order, so in view of that fact, Epos Now’s POS systems analyse the pattern of sales and recommends to the company exactly how much stock would be appropriate for your business, based upon your customers’ buying patterns.

How to be successful in your business


This is very important for a business’ success. If you do fail, it could be down to lack of planning and preparation so it is imperative that you make sure you have ‘all bases covered’- so to speak - and that comes with great planning. Some find that the most effective way to plan is to:

Epos Now offers a premium 24/7 support service for their customers so in the event that everything doesn't exactly go to plan (because they understand that sometimes, it doesn’t!), they’ve got you covered so that you have the highest possible level of succession!

How to be successful in your business

Have Fun!

All you can do is your best but why would you do that if you don’t make it fun for yourself and any others working with you? There is always more to learn but you won’t actually learn anything if you aren’t enjoying what you’re doing. If there are certain things that need to be put in place in order for your business to succeed, start doing it as soon as you can. Life is too short not to have fun and there is no time like the present! With an easy-to-use POS system, such as Epos Now’s, it means that you can have more time to spend on the things that you and your company enjoy.

How to be successful in your business

Epos Now’s Founder and CEO, Jacyn Heavens, had many obstacles to overcome in the run up to the complete success of the company and because of all of these above qualities that he possessed, he is a very successful business leader within his industry with a company with many happy customers and prestigious awards. So, what are you waiting for? What’s stopping you? Why do it tomorrow when you can do it today?


Hannah Ward

Hannah is a 15 year old high school student, who is currently studying for her GCSEs in 2019. She was at Epos Now in July 2018 for a one week work experience placement. She gained a lot of experience from her time at Epos Now, and furthermore, found a love of marketing AND writing blogs!

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