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Introducing Epos Now’s Ordoo integration

We’re thrilled to announce our brand new integration with mobile ordering platform Ordoo.

Introducing Epos Now’s Ordoo integration

Epos Now users across the hospitality industry can benefit from Ordoo’s innovative mobile features, allowing customers to order, pay and collect from their favourite cafes and restaurants at the touch of a button.

The app is an affordable, off-the-shelf alternative to the mobile ordering platforms already used by leading hospitality chains. Customers will benefit from frictionless payment options and the potential to cut queues, while business owners could see a higher average order value and an increase in return visits.

Here are just a few of the biggest and best features afforded to businesses leveraging the Ordoo integration.

Introducing Epos Now’s Ordoo integration

Mobile ordering

Ordoo’s primary function is its mobile ordering capabilities. Using the app, customers can place orders at participating venues nearby and pick up in-store. This means they skip the queues at their favourite venues by paying ahead of collection. All that’s left to do is walk in and pick up their order.

On average, prepaid orders allow staff to serve 12% more customers during busy periods. Shorter queues are also more likely to encourage passers-by to drop in and make a purchase.

Customers can also place orders from their table, reducing congestion at the bar or till point. The option to pay on their device further speeds up service and table turn around, allowing you to serve even more customers in a shorter space of time.

Seamless synchronisation

Any orders made through the app will appear automatically on your Epos Now system, notifying staff members that it’s time to start preparing. Automatic payment collection and seamless order validation allows you to stay ahead even during busy service periods.

Introducing Epos Now’s Ordoo integration

Customer retention

It’s five times cheaper to re-engage existing customers than to market out to new ones. Ordoo enables customers to earn digital loyalty rewards on each purchase, incentivising valuable repeat visits.

The app’s intuitive Customer Engagement Platform provides detailed customer data, including lifetime value, average spend and order frequency. You can easily send push notifications to anyone that hasn’t ordered in 30 days, giving you the best chance of keeping them. When just £2 is invested in the reward, Ordoo’s retention notification has a conversion rate of 65% and is a proven success when it comes to keeping customers engaged.

New audiences

Word of mouth referrals are vital to the success of any business, so Ordoo’s in-app referral scheme is a notably valuable feature. Your customers can effortlessly invite friends and family to use the app and potentially drive more people to your venue in turn.

Introducing Epos Now’s Ordoo integration

Increased revenue

Over 12 months, the average order value for Ordoo users increases by 9% for lunch venues and 17% for coffee venues. No matter the size of your venue, such an increase has the potential to dramatically boost your bottom line.

Unlike apps that charge commission to bring new customers to your venue, Ordoo is all about optimising engagement within your current customer base. This means a reduction in the amount you spend marketing to new customers and further increases profits in the long-term.

Check out our new-look AppStore for more details on Ordoo and our full selection of app integrations.


Natalie Stubbs

Natalie joined Epos Now in May 2018, taking on the role of SEO & Content Marketing Executive. As well as a passion for content, she enjoys fashion and good food.

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