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Software Release 7.11.17

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Software Release 7.11.17

A key benefit of Epos Now’s cloud based software is your system will never become out of date, nor will you have to pay for costly upgrades. Our software team are committed to bringing you the features you need to help run your business effectively. Take a look at some of the system amendments and upcoming updates due to be released;

Stock lookup page: Users are now able to see the amount of stock on hold in other locations. This is great for retail businesses who do not keep all of their stock on the premises and want to see available stock in other locations. If it is 'on hold' in another location, it’s not available stock.

Software Release 7.11.17

For example, previously, if location 1 has no stock left of “Cowgirl Onesie L”, a user could look up the item at another location. If the stock was 'on hold’, then it was shown to the user as ‘available’.

Now if the “Cowgirl Onesie L” is on hold at the second location, it will show in the ‘Quantity on hold’ column and the user will know it’s unavailable.

Bulk import app amendments: This app received a number of FeatureVote requests. As a result ‘location' has been added as a drop-down on the Stock Update Import. This means that when you download it, it will only show products at the location you’ve selected. You can still download an export of all products from all locations.

Software Release 7.11.17

Stock levels report amendments: In the back office Stock levels report, “Supplier” and “Category” filters have been added. Users can now also search for a product by ORDER CODE.

Software Release 7.11.17

When your product list has loaded on the Stock Levels report, you can now select “VIEW LOCATIONS”. When this is selected, a new product table is generated. This gives you a breakdown of how much of that stock item is left at each location.

Software Release 7.11.17

Daily Tax Report breakdown: The Daily Tax Report now has an option at the end of each line saying "SHOW BREAKDOWN" showing the breakdown for that entire day. When this is selected, another table is produced showing tax rate breakdown of that day.

Software Release 7.11.17

Dashboard Speed improvements: The main dashboard page under the back office reporting tab now caches data, improving the page speed after initial load. Data gets cached for 10 minutes, or you can fetch the latest data using the new ‘REFRESH’ button at the top right of the page.

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Sarah Roberts

Sarah is Epos Now's Product Owner and works with the Product Team to investigate, design and spec features that our users want on our platform. Sarah has a great insight into our key verticals, and immerses herself in researching the best features needed for each of those.

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