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The #1 Reason You Need a New POS

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The #1 Reason You Need a New POS

The number one reason you need a new POS can be summed up in a single word

An entrepreneur’s work is to realize their grand ideas with the resources they have at hand. The really talented entrepreneurs are experts at expanding their resources – finding new streams of revenue or investment to enable them to build the business of their dreams.

But the greatest entrepreneurs are also adept at making the most of what they have. They may not have the spending power to invest big, but they have the instinct to invest wisely.

An Efficient Point of Sale

In the realm of point of sale hardware and software, that means taking control out the system you use to collect revenue and making sure it’s not leaking money at the same time.

The only thing is, it isn’t always obvious that your POS is costing you more than it should. As the hub of your business, your POS can be a complex matter. But it needn’t be.

Maybe you’re working with an old-school cash register, or have fallen prey to a ‘Free’ POS system with hefty monthly charges and a get-out fee that’ll make you cry. And maybe you’re getting by with it for now. But let’s take a look at some warning signs that you need a new POS, before revealing the number one reason that it will revolutionize your daily business!

Reasons to Invest in a New POS

You need your transaction process to be smooth, fast, and pleasant, to impress your customers and encourage them to return. You need it to function properly so you’re not losing revenue. And beyond that, your POS is intricately linked to what goes on behind the scenes – even if you’ve not yet made the connection.

Reason 5: Revolutionize Your Stock-Keeping

If your cash register and your stock inventory aren’t talking to each other, you’re wasting your time and that of your customers. Nobody wants to make a trip to a store to find they item they expected (or worse, had been promised) is unavailable because your inventory doesn’t match your actual stock levels or you didn’t notice you had run low.

Decent electronic point of sale software updates your inventory in real-time. It warns you when it’s time to re-order, or you can even set it to reorder automatically when sales reach a certain number. It can reveal patterns in your sales so that you stock up on the right bestsellers at the right times of year.

Reason 4: Speed Up Your Sales

Whether you’re ringing up the sales digit-by-digit on a cash register, or your electronic POS and payment processing is lagging, those delays don’t just irritate the customer in front of you: they scare off the customers behind them.

A long queue can be a sign of a healthy business, but to soar you need to convert all those sales, not just the customers who have time to wait around while your computer catches up with you. Plus, slow software can be a sign that your POS is out of date. An outdated POS system can crash at any moment, and is more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

A new, cloud-based (online) POS will remain updated and store your data remotely rather than on a slow old hard drive that’s easy to hack, damage, or steal.

Reason 3: Get Out From Behind the Counter

We live in a far more mobile world than ten or twenty years ago. Even office workers are less tied to the desk than they used to be. So why should you or your clerks be stuck behind the counter waiting for customers to approach?

Switch to a web-based POS with a mobile device such as a tablet, and you can go find your customers shop floor. Make sales while you work (Epos Now solutions even allow you to complete transactions should your WiFi connection go down for any reason). If you run an eatery or a coffee place, you can zap orders straight to the kitchen from wherever your diners are sitting.

Reason 2: End Mistakes, Miscalculations, and Petty Theft

When you’re working with an out-dated point of sale, particularly if it’s an analogue system, you’re prone to make mistakes. Invoices and receipts get lost, figures get rung in inaccurately, discounts are miscalculated. And there’s always the chance that one of your employees is taking advantage of this lack of precision to line their own pockets.

An electronic point of sale system that’s up to date and under your control will prevent discrepancies, or flag up their source should they appear. You’ll always know who has used your EPOS and when, so you can trace mistakes or theft back to the source.

Why EPOS is the Way Forward

But the number one reason you need a new POS can be summed up in a single word: choice. With Epos Now, you get to choose precisely the elements you need for your business. You choose cloud-based software that updates automatically. You select the hardware you need and how much of it, and you can scale it up or down with your business without worrying about get-out fees.

What’s more, because it’s cloud-based, your data will be consistent across devices whatever array of hardware you choose.

Choose to take control of your inventory and financial records. Choose to speed up your sales. Choose where and how to work. And choose an affordable set-up that will maximize returns on your investment.

Contact us today to arrange a personalized, free demo from our support team, and find out more about your options.


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