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What a Pizza Joint Can Teach You About Restaurant Profitability

Here are four ways a pizza restaurant keeps it simple but profitable, and how your establishment can do the same.

Pizza is a sure thing. You can find a slice almost anywhere in the world. You can have it delivered to you anytime, day or night. And although carbs and cheese may be a sure-fire recipe for success... there’s a lot more a simple pizza restaurant can teach you about restaurant profitability.

Here are four ways a pizza restaurant keeps it simple but profitable, and how your establishment can do the same.

They Use Point of Sale Tools to Capture Customer Info

If your restaurant point of sale system isn’t saving your customers info in an organized and efficient way, it’s time to ask yourself some serious questions about switching or upgrading your POS system.

Your favorite pizza place knows where you live, how to reach you and what your favorite thing on the menu is, all thanks to point of sale tools.

They then retarget you and other customers with reminders, specials, deals and other offers to boost orders and keep customers calling and coming through the door.

They Have Reward Points and "Clubs" for Loyalty Customers

Pizza restaurants had loyalty programs before they even existed as they do today. And although the old-school punch cards have been replaced by apps, email campaigns and even “clubs”, the notion remains the same. Reward your loyal customers for their purchases and they’ll keep coming back.

In fact, you may even attract more customers based on your offerings. In recent years, Domino’s Pizza started offering “Points for Pies”, a loyalty points system that rewards Domino’s fans for every pizza they buy or make, even if it's a pizza bought from other competitors! Which brings us to our next point …

They Offer Deals All. The. Time.

Two slices and a coke? There’s a deal for that.

In fact, nearly every commercial or advertisement for a pizza restaurant - whether it’s in print, online, on a billboard, in a TV commercial or on an old-school direct mailer - advertises a deal of some kind. They’re not just saying, “Eat our pizza, it’s good.” They’re saying, "Here’s a special deal/reason to eat our delicious pizza, and hurry, this deal won’t last forever."

Worried about what kind of deal will help not hurt your profit margins? We've got you covered.

They Deliver.

A restaurant that offers dine in, takeout and delivery is a triple threat, and most pizza places have this on lock. But these days, you don’t have to change your restaurant’s whole business model and staffing structure to offer delivery: there’s an app for that.

Yes, through simple integrations and partnerships with trusted third parties, you can easily adopt delivery as another method of profit. Companies like Door Dash, Grub Hub, Deliveroo and more are making it easy for restaurants small and large to offer delivery through simple point of sale integrations. Yes, delivery is now on the menu and it’s easier than you think to start offering it your restaurant!

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