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Epos Now and The Exchange

The Exchange integration dynamically changes the price of your drinks turning your bar into a stock exchange for a night.

Drinks prices are displayed on your TV’s and rise and fall every few minutes based upon what your customers are buying! And all seamlessly linked to your Epos Now till.

What is The Exchange?

Real time trading screens display prices rising and falling every few minutes depending on what is being bought!

Dynamic Prices

Allows you to hugely increase and manipulate sales, whilst under the guise of great interactive fun for your customers.

Easy Implementation

It is incredibly easy to implement and use. Within an hour we can install and setup the software followed by a telephone training session.

Pay As You Go

You are under no obligation to run any events but the most success comes from running regularly. Most clients choose to run weekly which, if you do, qualifies you for geographical exclusivity.

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