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Designer Kidz

“After taking over a business that used a cash register, it was evident that we needed something more modern. Epos Now has allowed me to manage my business more effectively. The stand-out difference is how we manage our stock now, which saves me time, space and money!"

Hazel McMillan - Owner, Designer Kidz

Designer Kidz provides a range of the latest fashion clothing and accessories for babies, children and young teenagers. Designer Kidz has a fan base that has built up over the last 20 years, and new owner Hazel McMillan has funded a recent development of the interior and shop front to match the fresh look of the website, and modern name change. Along with the fresh look of the store and store name, a new EPoS system was needed to replace the old fashioned cash register and to provide the finishing touch on the refurbishment. Hazel needed a system that would provide her business with much more than a cash register would ever do.

The refurbishment was set to kick start the company’s growth, and an EPoS system that was able to monitor and develop the growth of the business was needed. Hazel was keen to grow her business and open other locations so was looking for a system that was able to grow with the business as locations increased. It was important that the system was able to monitor stock and keep a record of sales, as well as having a user friendly interface that any ability of computer users could confidently use. In addition, it was crucial that the system would not slow down at peak times as providing an exceptional customer experience is at the heart of Hazel’s business.

Along with an Epos Now complete solution, Hazel decided to purchase a software license that would run on her iPad. This means that during busy times, the iPad can be used as a second till to speed up transactions and is also a great help during stock takes as it saves the staff at Designer Kidz from walking back and forth to the till, therefore increasing efficiency and saving time. It is essential that Designer Kidz is able to accurately monitor stock levels, as the stock room is small and Hazel could not afford to have over stock of any products. Hazel explained, “In the past, we have had situations where stock was reordered when it was not needed, taking up valuable space and unnecessarily increasing my outgoings.” The Epos Now system is able to give stock notifications and raise automatic purchase orders when items need to be reordered. Hazel has told us that Epos Now has freed up time so she can focus more on managing and growing other parts of her business.

“Epos Now allows me to accurately monitor my sales and stock and has given me more time to spend on other parts of the business, it’s been great!”

Hazel McMillan - Owner, Designer Kidz

“Hazel needed a modern system that would improve important aspects of her business, such as stock management. Our system has saved her time, so that she can focus on growing her business.”

Dominique Tuttle - Sales Consultant, Epos Now

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