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3 Goals Every Restaurant Should Have

Whether you’re a seasoned restauranteur or new to the field, everyone can benefit from using the features and functionality that comes with using a quality point of sale system.

Data drives every part of today's business world, and restaurants are no exception.

Harnessing the power of data does not mean you have to ignore the customer experience or forget about the needs of your staff. In fact, using POS system data correctly allows you to be more in tune with these needs because you'll have more information about what's happening at every layer of the business.

Is your goal to increase customer loyalty? Boost your bottom line? More effectively manage your staff? Epos Now can help you meet all of these goals and more. Here's how:

Restaurant Goal: Create Loyal Customers

A dedicated customer base is at the heart of many successful restaurants. Unless you are located in a large tourism area, you will need some core of "regulars" coming through your doors to stay in business.

A POS system makes it easy to track those customers and reward their loyalty to your business. No matter where you are located or how high-end your clientele is, everyone likes free stuff and being made to feel like they are important.

Use your POS to add customers and track their visits. Reward them with a discounted item on every 5th or 10th visit, send them something on their birthday, or create a points system that allows them to work toward a free meal or item.

You'll also know exactly what your loyal customers order each time they visit your restaurant. Your staff can access this information to provide a layer of personalized service. If someone always orders a salad without onions or a steak medium rare, you can capture that information and make them feel valued when a server automatically asks about it at the table.

Setting up these features requires a little work on the front end, but will pay off in the long run when your customers return again and again in the quest to claim their points or freebies. Again, these concepts are universal and apply no matter what type of restaurant you run or where it's located.

Restaurant Goal: Maximize Staff Resources

Finding the right staff balance is a challenge at any restaurant. It seems like you never have enough people on your busy days and too many people when things are slow. A POS gives you a wealth of data to work with when it comes to understanding when you need people and when you don't.

You can see exactly how many tables each server handled during a shift, how many orders came out of the kitchen, and what hours were your busiest.

With all this information at your fingertips, you can create a staff schedule that gives you people when you need them but does not have anyone standing around during slower times.

Epos Now makes this data available on any device. You don't have to spend long hours poring over spreadsheets in the back office. Instead, you can make adjustments on the fly from your phone or any other device.

As you make adjustments, track the progress over time and use the POS to maintain your staff schedule, so there's no confusion about who is working when.

Restaurant Goal: Increase Profits

This is a goal that everyone should have, right? Our POS system integrates with QuickBooks and thousands of other services so you can see exactly where your money is going. With so many moving parts in a restaurant's operations, it's easy to get lost in the day-to-day and overlook opportunities to create efficiency.

Once you understand who your customers are and when they are coming in, you can begin letting go of things that are not making you money.

For example, maybe you need to talk with your chef about changing the menu to eliminate items that no one is ordering. Or perhaps you work with vendors to negotiate better deals on in-demand items. Or use customer data to create tailored promotions on specific days or items.

The possibilities are endless, but it all starts with having good data that's easy to access. Epos Now puts that power in your hands in a system that's easy to set up and easy for your staff to use.

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No matter what your goals are for your restaurant, Epos Now can help you meet them — and perhaps suggest new ideas you haven't thought of. Contact us today to request a free demo of our POS software.


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