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Common Restaurant Nightmares and How to Correct Them

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Common Restaurant Nightmares and How to Correct Them

Are you running your restaurant or is your restaurant running you ragged?

Owning a restaurant doesn't have to be synonymous with stress, endless work and constant headaches.

If you're often found putting out fires (literally or figuratively) at your establishment, here are a few easy fixes to common restaurant nightmares that will save you a lot of struggle and aggravation (they may even save your restaurant).

1.You're Dealing with Old Tech

Old tech is the Achilles heal of the restaurant world. Owners and managers think they’re saving money and overhead by not updating their hardware and software or refusing to take on new modalities like online ordering and delivery because it’s not, “the way [they’ve] always done things.” Needless to say, sticking with old tech and resisting growth is a recipe for disaster in the restaurant world. Here are common scenarios dealing with outdated tech you should address immediately:

Out with the Old

Perhaps your POS is old, slow and not capable of handling the latest in restaurant trends, like loyalty programs, online ordering and delivery. The right point of sale company will help you seamlessly upgrade and integrate these money-making applications. Plus, a new, highly-rated cloud POS will help your staff efficiently run your restaurant in the front-of-house and behind the scenes, keeping track of inventory, best and worst selling items, and even employee hours to make sure no one is taking advantage.

In with the New

Perhaps your kitchen is running with the old-school method of printed tickets, or worse, handwritten tickets. Have you heard there's a new way? Instead of your staff fumbling with grease-splattered papers, faulty printers, rushing to change the thermal receipts during the busiest lunch and dinner rushes while orders are backing up–or worse, trying to decipher the chicken scratch of the front-of-house staff... simply look into adopting a Kitchen Display System. More on this later…

Pro Tip: Don’t wait until your restaurant or hospitality tech malfunctions or completely gives out before upgrading it! Stay current with your restaurant tech so it’s always seamless.

2. Your Menu is Bleeding Your Profits

This is why stocktaking and inventory reports are so important. Your best-selling item may have a very small profit margin, and that can really mess up your bottom line. With a business intelligence tool like a comprehensive point of sale system on your side, you don’t have to spend hours laboring over your books to find out why you’re losing money or how you can make more. Your POS system can do it for you quickly and accurately with the right reporting tools.

3. The Kitchen Staff Are Angry All The Time

There’s nothing more notorious in a restaurant than the temperamental attitude of the kitchen staff. But how do you please the nearly unpleasable? Well, much of the stress and heat in a restaurant kitchen can be alleviated with the right tools. And tools like Kitchen Display Systems are saving the day for restaurant owners while appeasing the kitchen staff.

A KDS is a digital screen in a restaurant kitchen that replaces the old-school way of printing or handwriting tickets through directly connecting to the point of sale system (or POS) that wait staff uses to ring in orders. Kitchen Display Systems are saving countless restaurants time and money through reducing costs associated with food waste, staff negligence, customer wait times, missed tickets, returned food and more. Find out more here.

4. Your Online Reviews Are Dismal

People usually only write reviews when they have something to complain about. So don’t take it too personally if your restaurant has racked up a few one star ratings. But keep in mind, there's no doubt reviews affect your business. If your reviews online are dismal, it's most likely having a crippling effect on your business. Here are a few ways to remedy this restaurant nightmare:

- Respond to your bad reviews. No matter how old or bad your online reviews are, it’s never too late to respond to them diplomatically and professionally. This holds a lot of weight to potential customers that are reviewing your ratings before deciding where to eat.

- Encourage your best and happiest customers to submit reviews and reward them for doing so. Your point of sale system can remind the front of house to encourage customers to leave a review.

- Take some of your reviews to heart and make changes to improve in areas your restaurant is weak. Some of the fixes to the nightmares listed above may help alleviate frustrations like long waits for food, bad service and wrong orders.

We’re Here to Help

From online ordering and delivery to KDS, loyalty programs, inventory management, reports, migrating your point of sale system, and more—our friendly and knowledgeable reps are here to help you tackle even your worst restaurant nightmares. Contact us today to ask questions, receive a personalized demo or anything you need to help your establishment run more smoothly.


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