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How small retailers can make their mark this Father’s Day

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How small retailers can make their mark this Father’s Day

Held on the third Sunday in June each year, Father’s Day is a key date in the retail calendar on both sides of the pond.

In the UK, Father’s Day spend reached £695 million in 2017, with the current rate of growth suggesting this amount could rise to £799 million this year. The numbers are just as impressive in the US, where spending is expected to reach a near-record $15.3 billion.

June 17th brings plenty of potential to increase revenue by cashing in on this year’s celebrations. With that in mind, here are just a few ways you can prepare your small business ahead of Father’s Day 2018.

How small retailers can make their mark this Father’s Day

Create a family-friendly shopping experience

Father’s Day inherently means more children hitting the high street in search of the perfect gift. Whether they’re old enough to go it alone or are shopping with mums and siblings, designing a retail experience that’s fun and family-friendly can go far in attracting customers to your store and encouraging repeat visits long after the day itself.

In the lead-up to the big day, focus on making your shop floor as fun and vibrant as possible. Providing a dedicated activity corner for the little ones can also be hugely effective in making mum’s shopping trip that little bit easier and leaving a positive impression.

Discount Father’s Day favourites

Gifts generate the biggest proportion of Father’s Day spend, so offering deals and promotions around popular products is a great way to encourage more footfall and grow your customer base. There’s never a shortage of consumer choice around big events, so make your mark by incentivising people to shop at your store above others.

In the UK, the most commonplace Father’s Day gifts include chocolate, alcohol, books and gadgets. Clothing and grooming products are also gaining popularity, from your standard pair of novelty socks to luxury spa experiences. No matter your niche, looking back at which products performed well in recent years will give you a good idea of what’s worth promoting this time around.

How small retailers can make their mark this Father’s Day

Provide a gift wrapping service

Gift wrapping is rarely listed among people’s favourite activities. Offering to wrap gifts at the till for a small fee is a great way to up-sell, while proving you're committed to going above and beyond for your customers.

Utilise social media

It’s been reported that just 57% of small businesses in the UK are using social media, yet those who aren’t utilising the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram could be missing out on opportunities to raise brand awareness and increase footfall.

Generating a buzz through social media can be hugely valuable for small businesses across every industry. Boosted Facebook posts promoting special Father’s Day discounts are just one example of how social media marketing can be used to benefit your business and spread the word around your local area.

How small retailers can make their mark this Father’s Day

Offer something unique

As with any national celebration, the pressure is on small businesses to compete with established high-street names. While your advertising budget might not be as spectacular as theirs, there’s real value in being able to offer consumers something that’s unique and personal to them. After all, it’s the ability to deliver something out of the ordinary that contributes to a truly memorable retail experience.

The key here is playing to your strengths. Establish what it is about your business that stands you head and shoulders above the competition and capitalise on it. From complimentary treats with every purchase to personalised gift cards, showcase exactly what it is that makes visiting a small business more appealing than choosing a large corporate chain.


Natalie Stubbs

Natalie joined Epos Now in May 2018, taking on the role of SEO & Content Marketing Executive. As well as a passion for content, she enjoys fashion and good food.

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