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Spotlight: Fidelity Payment | Epos Now

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Partner Spotlight: Fidelity Payment

We had the great opportunity of speaking to our new partner, Fidelity Payment, to find out why they think their payment solution is the best for you, and the value they would bring to your business as one of the world's largest electronic payment providers!

Partner Spotlight: Fidelity Payment

Who are Fidelity Payment?

Fidelity Payment is one of the UK’s leading card payment providers. We offer tailored card payment solutions for credit and debit card transactions.

Whether you’re looking to take payments face to face, over the web or by phone we’ve got it covered.

Where are you based?

We moved our London HQ to offices in Kings Cross, Central London. We’ve also expanded in the UK with a Manchester office opening as a North West hub for our payment processing solutions.

What is your business and how did it start?

We’ve been in business for over 22 years with offices in Canada and USA as well as across the UK.

Our experienced team understands the needs of this complex payments industry and works closely with merchants to ensure the best rates.

What are your core values and mission?

We want to help our clients reduce rates on their card processing, improve their profitability and streamline their payment operations.

We’re proud to offer sales and support for each of our clients performed by a dedicated account manager to ensure a continuity of quality and service.

Why did you choose to work with Epos Now?

We’re delighted to be partners with Epos Now. We’re now selling the C15 and Pos To Go EPOS models to provide unique and cloud-based software and app stores to our hospitality and retail clients.

Partner Spotlight: Fidelity Payment

What are your predictions for the future of payments?

We’ve seen massive changes in the last 22 years, far more than any other preceding decades. When we started out, many companies were still making and receiving payments by cheque which was an extremely labour intensive, time consuming and environmentally unfriendly process.

The PSD2 directive has paved the way for even more innovations and improvements in payments.

Do you have any advice for businesses?

The 2 hot topics of the moment are GDPR and Brexit.

Fidelity Payment’s customers who take online payments or handle customer data need to be ready for GDPR adoption by 25 May 2018. Given the wide range of personal information processed by private providers, the need to prepare is particularly urgent. Since the original data protection legislation, the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA), came into force, the rise of social media and other developments in technology have led to vast amounts of personal data being processed. The GDPR in part is an attempt to catch up with those leaps in technology since 1998. The GDPR will place greater emphasis on transparency and accountability eg by requiring privacy statements explaining the purposes for which private providers collect and use personal data and the legal justification for doing so, as well as any internal or internal disclosures of that personal data. GDPR is an opportunity for the team here at Fidelity Payment to leverage the technology we have to continue to provide excellent customer service.

We have completed the Brexit-proofing of our payment gateway FideliPAY. We wanted to take the necessary steps to ensure business as usual for our customers. Payments can get complex, particularly when dealing with cross-border transactions in an environment that is continuously shifting. The uncertainty around Brexit increases that complexity even further. We’re working to keep things simple and ensure we are one-step ahead. It’s particularly important that they’ve been working to help de-risk the impact of a hard Brexit for companies like ours that need to make sure there’s a dial-tone of payments irrespective of what happens.


Abi Constable

Abi joined Epos Now in April 2018 as a Campaign Marketing Executive. She worked in hospitality part-time throughout her academic career and loves travelling and eating out.

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