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Read all about it! How newsletters boost customer engagement

A monthly newsletter is a cheap, easy and effective way to reach out to your customers. The ‘National client email report’ from the Direct Marketing Association noted the return on investment from an email campaign is up to £38 per communication. Automating direct email campaigns strengthens customer relationships through increased engagement and can encourage a welcome boost in sales, through both on and offline channels.

Epos Now’s MailChimp integration allows you to design and send professional, branded email campaigns with ease. MailChimp provides detailed analytics of open and click rates, allowing you to see how successful your campaign was. This customer insight enables you to cater to your audience's wants and needs while showcasing your products and services.

Delivering content your customers want is crucial to building authentic email lists. Building email lists organically (rather than buying consumer contact details) takes time but ensures you are reaching out to customers who are, or are likely to become your brand advocates. Offering consumers something in return for their attention is an easy way to build your readership.

Offer opportunity

Read all about it! How newsletters boost customer engagement

Competitions are attention grabbers, especially if the prize is something your customers will want. This allows you to build hype around your stock, particularly when offering high-value items. Retailers might want to showcase certain products while restauranteurs could offer free accompanying sides or wine. Generally the higher the value of the item the more engagement you'll see.

When designing your competition establish what you want to achieve. Are you aiming for increased footfall to your premises, more signups on your newsletter or more engagement on social media? Also, think about who you're targeting and what will appeal to them. For example, running a children's competition is very effective in forcibly captivating their parent's attention. Does your brand lend itself to a theme or is there a public holiday approaching? Would you garner more interest from a creative skills competition, such as crafts or photography, or a simple question and answer format? A competition encouraging customers to leave content on your social media or review sites will have a lasting positive effect whilst broadening your social footprint.

People jump at the chance of a bargain. Today's coupon-collecting, voucher-wielding culture never fails to excite. Offering your customers something for less will drive traffic through your door. Offering a percentage off promotions, or sale announcements create a buzz around your products and services and encourage footfall.

Offer advice

Read all about it! How newsletters boost customer engagement

Do you specialise in a certain cuisine? Or sell very specific products? What skills and services are you knowledgeable about that could really add value to your customers? There is a huge demand for knowledge and insight across all topics, in all sectors of business. Taking on an industry commentator stance, offering tips and advice will build your reputation amongst your customers and help establish trust.

For example, fashion retailers could cover upcoming trends, garment care or how to accessorise. Restaurateurs often share recipes, wine suggestions, and food presentation tips. Classifying your businesses expertise in this way allows you to create a conspiratorial tone in your communications, sharing tricks of the trade and insider knowledge. This welcomes the customer into your inner circle, making them feel they have a stake in your business. When customers are truly engaged in this way they become your brand advocates, sharing positive experiences by word of mouth and on social media.

Offer insight

Read all about it! How newsletters boost customer engagement

Newsletters are a great opportunity to share new, or extra information with customers. Big retailers will often send feature emails of specific products. Here, your offering customers a closer look at products that interest them. Enticing bold visuals, entertaining descriptions with informative product specs will peak interest in key items. You could run a frequently asked questions feature or a customer case study.

Hospitality businesses are equally equipped to offer their customers this insight. Behind the scenes features, back of house or in the kitchen provide an extra dimension to your business operations, one which your customers don’t normally see. Articles offering insider insight such as 'Meet the team' or interviews with local suppliers help to personalise your business, welcoming customer interaction and feedback.


Newsletters are a cheap way to boost customer engagement, so why not give it a try? Not only can you share company news, showcase your products and position yourself as industry experts, but you can encourage a boost in sales and brand engagement. It's never been easier to create professional newsletters your customers will love with Epos Now's MailChimp integration.

You can see more about MailChimp here or speak to the team on 0800 2 945 945. They'd be happy to talk you through any queries you may have or arrange to call you back at a time convenient to you.


Erin Heenan

Erin joined Epos Now in 2016 as an in-house content writer for the marketing department, making use of 10 years experience working in busy restaurants. An avid fan of shopping and eating out, she is committed to helping retail and hospitality SMEs get the most out of their businesses.

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