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Release notes 07.12.2017 | Epos Now

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Release notes 07.12.17

A key benefit of Epos Now’s cloud based software is your system will never become out of date, nor will you have to pay for costly upgrades. Our Software team are committed to bringing you the features you need to help run your business effectively.

Take a look at some of the system amendments and upcoming updates due to be released;

New Feature Exclude products from gaining loyalty points: On the Product Add page, you can now select a checkbox (highlighted below) to prohibit the product from gaining loyalty points. When the box is checked, that product will no longer allow the customer to accrue loyalty points when the item is sold on the till.

Release notes 07.12.17

This is also available for existing products. You can prohibit existing products from allowing a customer to gain loyalty points by having the ‘show price details’ checked, this will then show the ‘Exclude from point gain’ column (see highlights left):

Release notes 07.12.17

This is also an available option when using the Bulk Import app. You can use this functionality on new products that are uploaded with an import, or edit existing imports.

New Feature New currencies: We have added the Nepalese Rupee, Afghan Afghani and the Albanian Lek all to the back office as available currencies to use.

New Feature Multiple choice on weighed & measured products: Previously, the system did not allow weighed or measured products to have multiple choice products attached. This is now possible as shown in the screenshot below. Note that when changing the weight of the parent, quantities of child items will not change like they do with standard products.

Release notes 07.12.17

Please remember that these changes do not allow Multiple Choice Product child items to be weighed or measured - These can only be used as standard products.

New integration Payment Plus: This brand new payment integration will be available on ALL platforms: Windows, Android and iOS! Two different payment devices are supported;

Bug fix Scanning problems on Athena: Over the past couple of months, we have had some reports of barcodes not working properly on the Athena platform. The Software department has made some changes to improve this functionality and will be keeping a close eye on any further errors reported on scanning after this release to ensure all of our customers are happy with using their scanners on Athena.

Android App update: Android app (1.0.27) was released on 28th Nov and included the following changes:

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Sarah Roberts

Sarah is Epos Now's Product Owner and works with the Product Team to investigate, design and spec features that our users want on our platform. Sarah has a great insight into our key verticals, and immerses herself in researching the best features needed for each of those.

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