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Release notes 17.04.2018 | Epos Now

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Release notes 17.04.2018

With the new GDPR regulations coming into effect on 25th May 2018, Epos Now want to make sure we and our customers are fully compliant. Here are some changes happening in the back office in line with the regulations.


Explicit consent

On the 'Company Details' page in the back office there are new settings available.

Release notes 17.04.2018

Enabling the 'Show fields to capture explicit consent at customer signup' setting allows you to check additional fields when adding or editing a customer in the till or back office so they can opt in to receive communications by email, text, phone and/or mail.

Customers are currently 'hidden' when they are deleted from the till or back office, however the 'Erase customer personal information...' setting removes personal information including first name, last name, phone numbers, email address, date of birth and notes when a customer is deleted. The customer will also now appear as 'deleted' in historic reports.

Preventing access to customer list

There is a new permission available called 'can access customer list' which prevents staff members who use the till from accessing the customer list. Without this permission, the customers button on the till will be hidden and customers can only be selected using loyalty cards.

Release notes 17.04.2018

Bulk deleting customers

If a large number of your customers have opted out of communications, you can bulk delete customers using Bulk Import. Simply enter 'y' in the 'Delete Customer' column.

Campaign list report

We are offering a new 'Campaign List' which allows you to build a list of customers who have consented to certain forms of communication. Simply select the 'Consent Type' and your list will be generated by the form of communication your customers have opted in to.

Release notes 17.04.2018

Other updates

Bookkeeping report filters

We have added two new filters to the bookkeeping report; Staff and Tender. These not only allow for more detailed reporting but can be used by some US companies to obtain information required for waiter banking staff.

Release notes 17.04.2018

New print layouts

We have improved the design and layout of the EOD, Float Adjust and Petty Cash prints. They now have a cleaner design and the sections are much clearer. These are available to all customers running POS or later.

New receipt layout

New receipt layouts are now available for customers to try and can be enabled under the Receipts section in the back office. The receipts have better logo scaling, the covers are now shown and table name is more prominent. As well as this, the transaction information is all kept together rather than being mixed with totals, and the total has bene made clearer and now shows 'Amount Due' when there has been a partial payment.

Release notes 17.04.2018

These receipts are available in POS or later. They will also be available on Android and iOS once we launch the last version of the apps.

Small maintenance changes

New feature: The category drop down on the Stock Levels report now shows category structure by indenting child categories for a cleaner and easy to understand layout.

Bugfix: Improved performance of GetAll Transaction endpoint on API V2

Bugfix: The maximum size of customers' points on Bulk Import has been increased in line with the rest of the system.

Bugfix: The character limit of 'Brand' on Bulk Import is now 50 characters rather than 40.


Abi Constable

Abi joined Epos Now in April 2018 as a Campaign Marketing Executive. She worked in hospitality part-time throughout her academic career and loves travelling and eating out.

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