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Seven tips for retaining your all-star retail employees

People who are happy to sell tons of merchandise for you are people you want to keep around as long as possible. You don’t want your competition to poach them, and you don’t want them to feel so dissatisfied with their jobs that they run right into the arms of that competition. Keeping your all-star retail employees happy and giving them the tools and resources they need to perform at their best will encourage them to stay for the long haul.

1. Never treat ambition as an inconvenience

Some people are natural born sellers. These people seem to come from a universe of expert salespeople, and it’s apparent that they’re extraordinarily gifted. The only problem is that they can sometimes feel imposing to leadership because it’s clear that they’ll be able to move up the ladder. Don’t tell them to turn it down a notch and remember that ambition is an asset to any business.

2. Nurture lifelong learners

Continuously training your employees helps them be better salespeople. Some underperformers can become top performers if they’re receiving the right guidance, which means the people at the top of the ranks have the potential to be even better. Always educate your employees on new products and refresh their training frequently. They’ll soon be able to list all the benefits of a particular product without hesitating.

Seven tips for retaining your all-star retail employees

3. Help them achieve their goals

Developing a healthy professional relationship with your all-star retail employees will help you learn their goals and ambitions. Do they want to work in management for the company some day? Are they seeking a specialty position? Let them know you’re willing to help them get what they want if their performance continues to be impressive and they’ve demonstrated that they’re worth a promotion.

4. Give them more than just money

It takes more than a paycheck to make staff truly happy. Employees appreciate special perks and wellness programs that will help them take care of themselves. Anything that may lead to a better work-life balance or a reduction of stress in the workplace is beneficial and can help staff to enjoy coming to work.

5. Let them teach you

Your all-star employees are likely to have a few tricks up their sleeves. Their experience in their position has given them practical, functional knowledge that allows them to effortlessly perform their job duties. Their methods may be better than the methods you’re currently encouraging, so let them guide you on the best way to maintain the ship while you’re sailing it. They’ll feel like a more important part of the business, and it shows them how much you value them.

Seven tips for retaining your all-star retail employees

6. Create a celebratory work environment

When you’ve had an amazing sales week, put on some music when the shop closes. Let everyone hang out, nibble on some snacks, and blow off steam. Show them that you appreciate their tireless efforts to be the very best. Recognize their accomplishments and celebrate their successes. It makes all the hard work worthwhile when great leaders clearly demonstrate their appreciation.

7. Empower them to make the right decisions

Most retail employees will be familiar with managing difficult customers. These people may be unpleasant to deal with, but they come with the territory. When you’re the manager in this situation, back up the employee and find a way to resolve the problem together. Validate them, and don’t let anyone badmouth or berate them over something as materially insignificant as an item being out of stock or a return past its acceptable date.

All-star employees are equally as important as all-star customers. Without them, your retail business won’t be able to succeed. It’s worth going the extra mile to keep your sales leaders happy.

Rachel is a Senior Content Manager at Populationof, an online resource with information about demographic statistics of world population.


Rachel Jackson

Rachel is a mother of 2 beautiful boys. She loves to hike and write about travelling, education and business. She is a Senior Content Manager at Populationof, an online resource with information about demographic statistics of world population.

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