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Using existing customers to drive innovation

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Using existing customers to drive innovation

In order to survive, businesses have to offer something different to stand out from the competition. At Epos Now we pride ourselves on creating a product that can mould itself into any business model.

In order to do this we have to understand what our customers want from the product. By collecting data from various sources we can design a product and experience that is easy to use and most importantly helps our customers make money. These sources include talking to our customers, not only about the product, but how they personally use it! We can then develop user stories around their personal experiences, to depict how our customers use our product.

Using existing customers to drive innovation


Our main source we use to gather this information is Feature Vote. This platform is a way our customers can suggest new features and also vote for suggestions made by other users. This gives us a great insight into what customers want, why they need it and how many customers support it. Alongside other measurables that we use to gather Feature priority, we use this platform to ask our customers for more detail about these features to find out how they should actually work.

The more our customers use feature vote, the more they have their say on how our product is shaped in the future. If you are an existing customer using FeatureVote it is really easy; you just have to navigate to the support section in the Back Office, then either suggest a new feature or use one of the 50 votes you have to support a feature that's already been suggested. If you really want a certain feature that's fine as you can use up to 3 votes on a single suggestion. However use your votes wisely, each user is limited to 50 votes! But don’t worry, when these have been used up you can still comment on any suggestion!

Using existing customers to drive innovation

Speaking to customers directly

Another method we collect customer feedback is going out to the customers themselves and asking them questions about how they use our system. This way they can show us how they run their business and how features can potentially improve it further.

“Epos Now has always investigated our requests from the system, they often provide us with detailed steps in how to get the information we want, and when it’s not there they have built us new features. Many of the reports on the Epos Now back office were requested by us which we are extremely grateful for.” Vapourised, Epos Now customer

Watching our customers use the system in action has also helped us in our product development. The product is usually used in a fast-paced environment, meaning an extra second can seriously affect how many transactions can be made in a short space of time. Finding out what slows the system down can give us an insight into how to improve the system making faster and more efficient.

Our support team

Our superstar support team give our customers constant advice on how to use the product. In order to give this advice, they must have an incredible knowledge of the system. We often call upon our support team if we have come up with an idea and need clarification on whether it’ll work. They can also feed our ideas for future product development to our customers, which gives us early feedback ahead of development, saving time and bringing us closer to the final solution.

Using existing customers to drive innovation

But most importantly, our support team are the voice of our customers. If something isn’t working, or a user is having trouble using one of the features, they will be the first to tell the Product Team about it. We want to involve as many people and businesses as possible so we can not only come up with several ideas but also narrow them down to the final solution as quickly as possible.

So in summary...

We understand that a product is shaped by the customers that use it. However, in order to drive innovation, we need to hear from your experiences with our product! Be a part of our product decision process using any of these methods to get in touch, and let us create the best product for your business.

Feature Vote week

Epos Now is running Feature Vote week between Monday 6th November - Friday 10th November!

Use the hashtag #EPOSfeedback to follow all the blogs that we’ll be posting about our customer-driven innovation on social media.

Any customers that use Feature Vote this week, whether it’s voting, commenting or adding your own suggestion could be in with a chance of winning a very special Epos Now prize! Find out more in our FeatureVote week blog.


Guy Wellesley

Guy is a Multidisciplinary Designer and has worked on a huge range of excisting projects. He researches how humans interact with websites, applications and products. Using this research, Guy can identify problems and solve them through design.

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