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Why Your Kitchen Staff are Angry All. The. Time.

Here are just three of many ways a kitchen display system can improve staff efficiency, customer satisfaction and ultimately increase earnings.

Ah, the kitchen staff. If you've ever worked in a restaurant or owned one––you know the drill: the angry chef, the sarcastic cook, the crying wait staff.

But maybe there's actually something to the griping that goes on in the back-of-the-house...

The kitchen staff need organization, and to be streamlined in order to keep their cool. And the old way of printed tickets and too many steps from order to pan to diner just won't work anymore.

The #1 Way to Streamline Your Restaurant's Kitchen

The answer is simple: a Kitchen Display System (or KDS for short).

What is a Kitchen Display System or KDS?

A KDS is a digital screen in a restaurant kitchen that replaces the old-school way of printing or handwriting tickets in a commercial kitchen by connecting to the point of sale system ( or POS) that wait staff uses to ring in orders.

3 Ways a Kitchen Display System Alleviates BOH Headaches

There are multiple, many-numerous ways a KDS improves the daily operations of a restaurant, including streamlining communication between front-of-house and back-of-house, reducing wastage and human error, and monitoring prep times and special instructions for each dish––just to name a few.

The kitchen is the beating heart of a restaurant, and while customer-facing improvements are essential, restaurants can't forget to update processes in the back of the house. Here are just three of many ways a kitchen display system can improve staff efficiency, customer satisfaction and ultimately increase earnings.

1. Improve Staff Efficiency and Communication

KDS allows the kitchen and wait staff to easily touch base on the state of affairs in a busy restaurant. Whether it's in real time while food orders are being cranked out, or the ability to have a bird's eye view of seeing which stations are dragging down kitchen times and what time of day more help is needed to ensure top quality food and service––it’s KDS to the rescue.

Not only that, a chef would rather know they have 72 total hot wings to make than doing the math between 6 orders x 12 wings. A KDS displays information in a way that's easy to understand at a glance.

2. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Through KDS, food allergies and modifications are simple to relay to kitchen staff. And orders are communicated in real time, all making for decreased wait times and a better-paced meal for customers. KDS makes your restaurant a well-oiled machine, and you better believe customers will take notice.

3. Boost Earnings and Eliminate Waste

With the average order taking 45 seconds to reach the kitchen, Epos Now’s KDS saves a business averaging 70 orders per night a whopping 52.5 minutes (over 6 hours per week), as the orders directly appear on the kitchen display as soon as wait staff rings it in. Time is money and kitchen’s that adopt a KDS will see less food wastage, less paper receipt orders and less food sent back to the kitchen.

See Epos Now’s KDS in Action

With all the benefits of KDS, an upgrade for your restaurant is a no brainer. Contact Epos Now today to learn more about our award-winning Kitchen Display System .


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