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Suit Up

“I was on the hunt for a system that would help me keep tabs on sales, staff performance and stock. Everything is more accurate and efficient now!

Frankie Taylor - Manager, Suit Up

Suit Up stocks a range of men's formal wear, and specialises in high quality suits and accessories for every occasion. Manager, Frankie was on the hunt for an EPoS system that would most importantly process sales transactions and accurately keep track of stock. Suit Up stocks a wide range of suits, along with shirts, shoes and accessories so it was important for Frankie that the quantities of every product was able to be tracked. The Epos Now system notifies the Suit Up team when they are running low on a particular product and they can also choose to automatically raise a purchase order so they can order more stock. Frankie also uses the barcode printer to print his own labels for the items and uses the wireless scanner to scan products, which saves them from typing a code into the till. This ensures that transactions are speedy and customers are served efficiently.

The Suit Up staff earn commision for their sales so it was vital that they were able to view staff performance data. The Epos Now system allows Frankie to see which staff members are performing the best and hitting their targets and which members of the team are not doing as well. This allows Frankie to carry out more training with his team members who are under-performing. Frankie is confident that once every staff member is performing to the best of their ability, the business will be much more profitable.

“I’m so happy with the new system. It allows me see how my staff are performing so I can identify any gaps in training so my staff can fulfill their full potential.”

Frankie Taylor - Manager, Suit Up

“Frankie wanted a system that looked good, with the added benefits of tracking staff performance, stock and sales. Frankie is really pleased with how Epos Now has helped his business.”

William Antoine - Sales Consultant, Epos Now

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